Life Members

SABC Life Members

Life Membership is awarded to a member who has met the criteria as per the club constitution to acknowledge the substantial and outstanding voluntary contributions they have made to the ongoing success and viability of the South Adelaide Basketball Club.

Mr A. Oates (1st President) **RIP Tony 1954
Mr Clement T. Koch (Past President) **RIP Joe 1960
Mr Ashley Koch
(Committee/Coach/State Coach/Player) Ash 1967
Mr Theodore Lyle Scott Davie
(Player/Olympian/Committee/Coach) Scott 1968
Mr R. D. Whitford
(Player/Reserve Olympian/Secretary/Coach) Dean 1968
Mr A. S. Crook (Past President) **RIP Robert 1971
Mr D. Barrie (Treasurer) Dene 1972
Mr M. H. G. Ah Matt
(Player/Coach/Olympian) **RIP Michael 1973
Mr D. Shipway (President/Player/Coach) Don 1973
Mr A.C. Shipway (Committee/Patron) **RIP Cliff 1973
Mrs Dorothy Barrie (Committee) Dollie 1973
Mr B. Wakefield (Player) ** RIP Barry 1974
Mrs H. Ah Matt (Player/Committee/Coach) Helen 1975
Mr B. Spry (Player) Barry 1975
Mr C. Pickett (Player) Colin 1981
Mr D. Pearce (Player/Olympian) Daryl 1982
Ms F. Landon (Tremain)(Player) Fiona 1982
Mr E. Drizners (Player) Eriks 1988
Mr M. Sykes (Player) Mark 1988
Ms M. Ah Matt (Player) Michelle 1988
Mr A. Turner (Player) Alan 1989
Mr A. Moore (Past President) **RIP Alan 1989

Mrs B. Moore (Secretary/Committee/Coach) Bev 1989
Mrs N. Lowe (Committee/Coach) Noeline 1989
Mr G. Peck (Past President) Greg 1992
Mrs B. Schemmell (Committee/Coach) Bev 1992
Mrs S. Holly (Committee) **RIP Sue 1993
Mr S. Ninnis (Player) Scott 1994
Mr M. Davis (Player) Mark 1994
Mrs K. Shipway (Player/Committee) Kaylene 1995
Mr G. Lesses (Player/Coach/Committee) **RIP George 1996
Mr L. Clarke Larry 1996
Mr S. Wray (Treasurer/Coach) Steve 2000
Ms K. Lowe (Player/Coach) Karyn 2000
Mrs C. Simons (Secretary) Christine 2001
Mr W. Alexander (Scorer/Assistant) Bill 2003
Ms. A. Williams (Club Service / Coach) Abby 2009
Mrs. L. Knowles (Secretary/Treasurer / Coach) Lyn 2009
Mrs. D. Morris (Committee) Debbie 2009
Mrs. M. Bryant (Committee / Coach) Margaret 2009
Mrs. P. Kalisch (Bosanquet) (Scorebench Service) Prue 2009
Mr Kosmider (Player) Daniel 2009
Mr C McCormick (coach) Chas 2017
Mr T. McKenzie (Player) Thomas 2017
Mr T. Jones (Coach/Committee/Stats) Terry 2018
Mr P. Hodgkison (President/Stats) Peter 2019

Mr S Voysey (Coach) Sam 2023
Mr K Manning (Coach) Kelly 2023
Mr G Cunningham (Coach/Treasurer) Greg 2023
Mr Z Pajkovski (President/Committee/Coach) Zoran 2023

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