A player who wishes to transfer from another club in the Basketball SA District Competition (including Junior, Youth League, Senior or Premier League) to the South Adelaide Basketball Club must receive a clearance before doing so.

A clearance must be applied for via an email or letter to the Club Secretary of their current club. This email must mention the player’s name and the club to which the player is applying to be cleared. If the application is via email, the Basketball SA Competitions Manager ( should be copied on the email.

The Club must respond within 14 days, either granting the clearance, or providing a reason why the clearance cannot be granted. The only legitimate reason for not granting a clearance is if the player is not financial with the Club or is in possession of Club equipment.

Players must not play until approval has been granted by both Basketball SA and South Adelaide Basketball Club. Penalties including fines and game forfeits may be imposed by Basketball SA should a player play without being cleared.

Players seeking clearances from Country, Interstate or International Associations can find more information and relevant documentation on the Basketball SA website:

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