Team Managers

At SABC, each team has a nominated team manager who is usually a parent or guardian of one of the registered players. The Team Manager acts as the first point of contact for parents and carries out administrative duties on behalf of the team. The Team Manager is generally responsible for off-court team management activities and to liaise with parents, players, the coach and Club administration. Team Managers work closely with the coach to bring about a high level of team spirit and camaraderie.


The main responsibility of the Team Manager is communication.  The Team Manager must contact the players, their families and the coach about game schedules, fixture changes and any relevant club or association news. Players and their families are to advise the team manager of any player absences or injuries that effect games and trainings. Please provide your contact details to the team and Club administration.

Team Managers are also responsible for the following:


    1. Supply a  team sheet (hyperlink to document) to at the start of the season as well as an updated version any time there is a change to the team. This is very important as all players must be registered with Basketball SA in Basketball Connect. SABC administrator will then allocate the player to the team in Basketball Connect prior to the start of the season.
    2. Draw up a roster for scoring/time keeping (and filming if coach requires). Each family is expected to provide a scorer when rostered or swap their turn with another family. Generally, during home games SABC parents are required to work with the iPad to score. Away games parents are required to score using the time clock. Division 1 games (U14 and above) will also require a shot clock operator to be provided by the home team.


  1. Attend games and assist the coach and players on the bench.
  2. Prior to the start of the game:
District SDJBL Domestic
  • Check off player names in Basketball Connect and ensure player numbers are correct
  • Check off player names in the iPad
  • Collect game money and pay team fee on the square.

You will find it beneficial to have a list of all your players along with their player numbers to take with you to each game so that you do not have to rely on your memory.

  1. Make sure every player has a drink bottle and towel at the bench at game commencement. Refill water bottles when required.
  2. Assist with injuries and issues during the game including obtaining ice for immediate first aid when required.
  3. Maintain the team’s First Aid kit. Ensure that the First Aid kit is at all training sessions and matches.  Strapping tape is not supplied by the club. The canteen has supplies of tape at competitive prices.
  4. Do not allow non-team members (including parents or siblings) to sit on the player’s bench.
  5. At the end of the game, encourage players to clear the bench area quickly so that the next team may prepare for their game.


  1. Team Photo Event – Ensure that communication regarding the photo event is distributed to the team along with ensuring organisation on the day and collection and distribution of photos once received by the Club. The event is usually held in the winter season and you will be notified of dates and times by Club administration.


  1. Community Lottery Fundraiser – Is now sold through an online link via the  clubs Facebook page. Please encourage your families to visit the link and purchase tickets.


  1. Tournaments & Carnivals – Assist with tournament registration, scheduling and fee collection. Liaise with parents regarding accommodation and travel arrangements for interstate tournaments.  Ensure that you provide coach and players with information regarding fixtures, locations, entry fees (for spectators), scoring roster etc..

The club thanks you for your support!!

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