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Membership fees are determined by the South Adelaide Committee each year, as part of the annual budget setting process.

1. Fees

The membership fees schedule for 2021/2022 financial year are detailed as follows

Age category Summer 2021/2022  
Domestic (all ages) $170
District Under 10s $225
District Under 12-18s $325
Youth League $220
Seniors $170

2. No Pay No Play

Summer season – full fees must be paid by the 25th February 2022
Winter season – full fees must be paid by 4th game.

3. Payment Plan

Where a lump sum payment is proving difficult, arrangements can be made with the Treasurer to enter into a payment plan. The plan must have the fees paid by the middle of the current playing season. There will be no carry over of unpaid fees to the next season.

4. Debt Collection

Any outstanding fees that cannot be recovered will be given to the club debt collectors.

5. Discount Policies

a. Multiple children in one family
Parents with multiple children playing will have the following discount:

  • Second child – $40
  • Third child – $50
  • Fourth child – free

* Multiple player discounts do not apply for SDJBL Domestic players.


b. Players/Parents who are head coaches


  • Players who are appointed as Head Coaches of a district team will have their membership fees waived.
  • Parents who are appointed to Head Coach of a district team will nominate one child to have their fees waived


  • Assistant coaches are not eligible for coach discount
  • Coaches of Domestic (SDJBL) are not eligible for coach discounts
  • Coaches of senior teams that do not train on a regular basis, are not eligible for coaching discounts


d. State players

  • Players who make State U16-18-20 teams and above will not be required to pay fees for the current season.

6. Work in canteen to pay outstanding fees

Parents can only work in the canteen until the fees are paid. Parents will not be paid for any credit hours.
Arrangements must be made with treasurer and canteen manager.

7. Fill in players

District players:

Fill in players will be limited to 3 games before they will need to pay a sliding scale of fees as per fees table.

SDJBL Domestic players filling in for District competiton:

  • Up to 3 games – no additional fees
  • 4-7 games – $50
  • 8 or more games – half season District fees

8. Financial Disadvantage

The treasurer can provide a special discount for an individual player who is experiencing difficult financial circumstances.

9. Refunds

Once you accept an offer to play for South Adelaide by completing an Intent To Play then full fees will be charged, even if you later decide not to play.
Refunds will be prorated amounts based on games played and will only be given under exceptional circumstances for example,


  • Relocation – May be applicable for families relocating to a residence outside of a 30 km zone from Marion Stadium The refund application must be made via email to the Treasurer (treasurer@southadelaidebasketball.com.au).

Need more information?

General information: admin@southadelaidebasketball.com.au

Ph: 0402 622 220


Treasurer: treasurer@southadelaidebasketball.com.au